Almost Royalty – “Worst Date Ever” Contest Participants

Here is the full list of participants for my first Almost Royalty contest. The theme of this contest will be what is your “Worst Date Ever” ? Check out all the reader’s stories at the links below. I want to say a huge thank you to all the participating blogs. Without you, this contest would not have happened. I hope you receive many laugh-out-loud stories from all the readers following your blogs. Good luck to everyone! The contest will go live June 2nd!




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  2. Jeanette says:

    worst date:
    This was my second date with Paul on May 14th 2014.
    We met for dinner at Applebees. Our plan after the dinner was to go to a movie. As we were eating we decided it was a nice evening so we would take a hike instead.
    We drove to a State Park called Jay Cooke. Paul and I walked over the swing bridge, got onto the trail and walked hand in hand through the woods. We stopped now and then to make out for a few minutes. I body started to feel slightly itchy, which happens sometimes when im allergic to something. I did my best to fight it, I thought i had as i did not get the hives and the itch stopped. Mind you i did not tell Paul about my itchy felling as i didn’t want him to know and ruin the date. Once we were about a mile out into the woods we decided to get off the trail and walk down a hill to see the view. im guessing the walk down the hill was about 100 yards. Paul and i had kissed he then looked at me and asked if i was ok, because my face went white. I told him i was fine. Soon after my coloring turned blue and i couldn’t breath. I was gasping for air then went unconscious for about 1 1/2 minutes in his arms. Paul called 911. He said in the mean time i came to but then went unconscious again for about a minutes. 911 sent an ambulance, well because we were far out into the woods the paramedics had to come out by ATV.
    Because we were so far off the trail Paul had to carry me up the hill to the trail, so the paramedics could see us. I remember coming to as Paul set me down by a tree. He asked me to lean against the tree for support. He had lost his cell phone while he carried me up the hill so he went in search for that. I was very unsteady and felling to the ground. (Mind you when I went unconscious I also pooped my pants. So Paul carried me and my poopie pants up the hill about 100 yards) Paul came running and helped me back up. I’m not sure how long we were there until helped arrived. I was escorted out of the woods on a ATV to and ambulance.
    I was transported to the hospital ER. Paul met me at the hospital and came to my ER room. The doctors were not able to determine what happened to me. But I think my going unconscious has to do with a allergic reaction to shell fish as Paul had shrimp during our dinner at Applebees. I went into Anaphylaxis shock from kissing him. What a second date: Unconcious, poopie pants, and him seeing me in a hospital gown.
    After all this I did get a 3rd and 4th date with him, and im sure there will be many more….

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