“Almost Royalty” – Tina Fey– Princess Tina’s Buns (Bit**es Who Get Stuff Done!)











Don’t you just love those people who pretend to be nerds but in reality are uber-successful types who define a generation?  Yes, I’m speaking about Tina Fey.  I guess that if Mark Zukerberg, billioaire techie-nerd (following in the footsteps of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs) is defining what is means to be successful, then it follows that our female counterpart to Mark, Bill and Steve would be Tina Fey (and maybe Amy Poehler), pretending to be nerds who- can- never- get- it- together.  In reality, Tina Fey is in that zone where everything that she touchs turns to gold:  TV shows (“30 Rock” ) Movies (Tina’s “Mean Girls” “Date Night”) and Books (Tina’s “Bossy Pants”).

I guess the uber-comedian how created the phrase “Bitches Get Stuff Done” has gone on to her next soon to be incredibly successful venture:  A musical based on her movie “Mean Girls.”  THIS should be interesting . . .



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  1. Johanna van Zanten says:

    Nice. I love Tina Fey and think she represents the best of America. Smart, funny and courageous. Great pick for your post.

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