The Cover of Courtney Hamilton’s “Almost Royalty” Book #2?


  So many of the lovely people who have  read and reviewed “Almost Royalty’ have wonderful felines in their lives.  As I tribute to all of you, I give you PENNY!!!


  Cat of the Week, “Penny”  featured in the “Mirror” appears to have all of the important characteristics of cats that I love:  Bossy, dominating, and imperious– with a mind of her own.


  Could Penny be the  Cover Model for “Almost Royalty”, Book #2.    Send me your thoughts!!



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“Almost Royalty” Oh Gwyneth- I Warned You . . .


Back in 2011, when Gwyneth Paltrow started singing things like “Do You Want to Touch Me” on “Glee”, I wrote a post (below), in which I warned that A-Level Stars  who marry A-Level singers (Chris Martin) might be looking at some significant “alone”time–like a divorce if they start pretending that they (the A-Level Star), can sing.  Unfortunatley, she didn’t listen.  In honor of Gwyneth ‘s recent post on POOPGoop that she and Chris Martin are “uncoupling” (aka I %%%%%% up), I am presenting my original tribute to Gwyneth Paltrow.



There are certain actors that make me cringe when I see them work.  Jamie Lee Curtis was one of them, and then I decided I liked her after “Freaky Friday”.  Kathryn Heigl has absolutely joined the group, and at this point, might actually forever be it’s reigning queen.  Angelina Jolie floats in and out of this group–If she actually starts acting again (not phoning it in), she might leave the group.  Donald Trump and the Kardashians– well I don’t know about calling them actors. And then there’s  Gwyneth Paltrow and the fact that Ryan Murphy (creator of “Glee”) has stated they are jointly making a musical– for Gwyneth and her singing like she is on “Glee” with “Do You Wanna Touch Me”   . …

We all know that Gwyneth’s dated Brad and Ben and was photographed numerous times on the cover of Vogue wearing Brad’s enormous engagement ring, saying things like “Oh Gosh No, I NEVER thought about marrying him.”  We know that she has won an Oscar for that film where she wore a mustache (not her most attractive look) and appeared as a boy.  We know that she married Chris Martin of Coldplay,  had a daughter with him whom she named “Apple” (because ” I thought it sounded so lovely and . . . clean!”) and a son, whom she named “Moses”  (because her husband wrote a song entitled “Moses” for her before their wedding).  We all know that she recently tweeted  ”Who do you have to b*** to get an advance copy of the new Coldplay  album?”  We all know that she dropped out of college after attending for a very short time.

And she has started singing.  I think sometimes actors or celebs start singing because they’re around a spouse who makes it look easy and– her husband– is obviously  a natural.   So I want to try to embrace her  singing.    But I watched and listened to her on the “Glee” song “Do You Wanna Touch Me” wear she plays a “sexy” substitute teacher at the high school .  And she looks like a skinny blond scarecrow in leather pants.  And she doesn’t sound much better. And she can look so fabulous.

So Gwyneth if you look at my Eco-Chain of Dating( ) I gotta think it’s not the best idea for an A-Level Celeb Actress to get into the same biz as an A-Level Celeb Rock-Star Husband, or to tweet about needing to “b***” someone to get an advance copy of Husband’s album— especially if you know that he wouldn’t like it.     If you don’t believe me,  maybe you should talk to Gigi Levangle Grazer the next time you’re in LA.   Remember, she used to be married to Brian Grazer and she used to write all sorts of things that Brian probably didn’t want to see splashed around the internet?   Believe it or not, Gigi just wrote an article in Huffpo called “Wasbands And Wives: Seven Reasons to Stay Married.”   So go have coffee or drinks with Gigi– I’m sure she’ll have some great advice for you.  Because I’d really hate it if  in a couple of years you were in the position of being able to add to Gigi’s list with your own seven reasons.   And maybe if you stop singing, I’ll stop cringing.

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Almost Royalty – “Hilarious” – Kirkus Review

Yesterday, I received my review from Kirkus. I had no idea what to expect– and I was scared.  However, it turned OK.

Me after getting the Kirkus Review for Almost Royalty

Pretty much sums up how I felt after reading the review

“A hilarious, scathing tale of LA life.” — Kirkus Reviews

Here is a link to the complete review:


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“Almost Royalty” – Sci-Fi Self-Published Sensation Hugh Howey of “Wool”- My Advice to Aspiring Authors’

 It’s hard not be insanely jealous of Hugh Howey, author of the Sci-Fi Hit “Wool”- Not only did he get a huge write-up in the Wall Street Journal for having a huge best-seller with “Wool” , but he also has become quite a sensation.  

Hugh has created a excellent blog where he gives advice to fellow aspiring authors–some of it,such as “learn to write rough goes against every pefectionist tendency that I have,  which is probably a good thing. 


Here is a bit of advice that I think is GREAT:  WRITE EVERY DAY NO DAYS OFF.


Hugh’s entire quote is the following:

 ”To begin with, you need to write. This seems axiomatic because it is. The only way to amass a pile of words into a book is to shovel some every single day. No days off. You have to form this habit; without it you are screwed. I’m going to assume everyone who keeps reading already has this down. If you don’t — you won’t make it. My best advice on how to form this habit is twofold: Get comfortable staring at a blank screen and not writing. This is a skill. If you can not write and avoid filling that time with distractions, you’ll get to the point where you start writing. Open your manuscript and just be with it.’


Here’s a link to the enitre article “My Advice to Aspiring Authors”  -

almostroyalty_front_72ppi_FACEBOOK here is a link to my book, ‘Almost Royalty’ by Courtney Hamilton on

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Thank you to all the reviewers of Almost Royalty!

After the many long years it took me to write, edit, write, edit, write, edit and edit and edit (and then edit again) my novel “Almost Royalty” I wondered if it would ever get read, much less reviewed. 

 That being said, I want to thank every reviewer so far from NetGalley, Goodreads, your amazing personal blogs and Facebook/Twitter pages for not only taking the time to read “Almost Royalty”, but for writing such heartfelt reviews. 

Thank you all so very much.  I am so grateful.


Goodread’s Page:

Download an eBook copy on NetGalley:

“Almost Royalty” pub date: May 27, 2014

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Almost Royalty – “Bruce (Jenner), What Happened to You?”

It’s hard to believe that Bruce Jenner, the guy who plays  is Momager Kris Jenner’s husband on the odious Keeping Up With the Kardashians,  was once an Olympic hero.  But back in the 70′s, Bruce was the hero athlete on the Wheaties box for winning the gold medal in the Decathlon in the 1976 Summer Olympics.   And as these pictures show,  Bruce was beautiful:2013-11-12-BruceJrunning


So it’s pretty awful to catch him playing  being  the parental authority in “Keeping Up with the Kardasians”   because as opposed to the other actors  family members (the K’s of Kris,Kourtney, Kim etc),  Bruce as actually accomplished something huge.  So it kills me to see this:

2=13-11-12-Bruce Jenner      

C’mon Bruce, what are’re you doing?


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Almost Royalty – Rebel Wilson’s Advice for Running

Always staying busy is a natural talent, and exercise is a MUST. Even on the days I feel like a simple run is just too much work. To see this suggestion for running, presented by Rebel Wilson, made me LOL. Not sure if I’m going to follow her advice today, but horizontal running may be my new favorite exercise.

horizontal running


Make sure you also mix up horizontal running with some vertical running. Though I do not recommend it in heels; gravity can be very cruel.

vertical running



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Almost Royalty- Honoring the K9 Search and Rescue Dogs of 9/11

The Video from the Westminister Kennel Club honoring the K( Search and Rescue Dogs of 9/11 will just break your heart.


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Almost Royalty – “Where’d You Go, Bernadette: A Novel” Book Review

I’m kind of a quirky reader:  When I love a book, I stop everything for days until I finish it and then re-read it 3-4 times in an attempt to discover the author’s technique. Well, that’s not really true– I just re-read the book because I like it. On the other hand, if I’m bored, I give up after reading about 1/3 of the book– and unfortunately some “classics” have fallen into this category.  Well, I should be honest.  I give up if I don’t like it within about 20 pages.


“Where’d you go Bernadette?” by Maria Semple definitely falls into the “loved and stopped everything for days” category.  In fact, I’m mad at myself for having read it so quickly.


Where'd You Go, Bernadette: A Novel


By now, many of the other reviewers have told the plot:  Revealed through emails, Bernadette is a MacArthur Foundation “genius” award winning  Los Angeles based architect who moves to Seattle with her successful Microsoft-employed husband and daughter.  After her daughter gets her school’s equivalents of straight A’s during her 3 years of middle school, Bernadette and her husband must make good on their promise to give their daughter her desired reward — a family trip to Antarctica.  Bernadette is something of an agoraphobic, so this presents a problem.


The book has some hilarious moments, especially the author’s descriptions of Seattle, her daughter’s school, and the other extremely PC parents– the “gnats” who want Bernadette to join the schools many committees.  There are also some creative plot twists, a little darkness (there was a moment when the book suddenly became serious), and a few moments where I was a little lost (which is my polite way of saying that the last third of the book extended credibility quite a bit).  However, my biggest criticism is that the book ended so suddenly that I found myself saying “What?” when I realized that I had just finished the book.  Seriously,  I wanted to read more– at least a little more–and was stunned that this great read had ended.


If you haven’t seen the book trailer Maria Semple made for marketing “Where’d You Go, Bernadette: A Novel”, I highly recommend giving it a chance. Maybe you”ll spot a few recognizable faces.


BTW,  other books that that fall into my “loved the book and stopped everything for days” category include  Meg Wolitzer’s “The Interestings”;  Jennifer Egan’s “A Visit from the Goon Squad”; Michaell Chabon’s “The Yiddish Policeman’s Union” and “Bel Canto” by Ann Patchett, who became a celebrity for everything after “Bel Canto” including buying a book store in Nashville and most books by Jennifer Weiner and Curtis Sittenfeld.   And I’ve almost forgotten, Hillary Mantel’s “Wolf Hall”, which is brilliant and stunned me, as (1) I didn’t know that I was such a fan of historical fiction; and (2) I have never seen anyone use a technique– or invent her own technique– which will call “undefined first/third or any person” (in which you have no idea who is talking) to such great success (which is not to say that the book isn’t amazing or to diminish the astounding skill that Ms. Mantel demonstrated).


Books that fall into the “I’m Bored” category (so many I will just put the most recent) include “The Burgess Boys” (depressing and boring) and “Life After Life” (yawn . . .)


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Almost Royalty – Cory Monteith, — like Amy Winehouse, Again, Isn’t it time to Change “Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll” to “Health, Wealth and Rock n’ Roll’?

Cory Monteith’s life tragically ended in a Vancouver hotel room Saturday after what appeared to be a case of “The Lifestyle” seen by so many accomplished celebrities– Sex, Drugs and Rock n, Roll . Unfortunately, Cory became famous with an already present substance abuse problem which started at the age of 13, finally  seeking rehab at the age of 19. I guess the sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll just became too attractive to pull away. It’s a shame to lose another talented actor at such a young age (31) and he will be missed by many, including the fans of the hit show “Glee.” R.I.P. Cory.   As this is sad and disturbing, I have re-posted by article that I wrote in 2011 when we lost  another highly creative individual– Amy Winehouse.


Remembering Amy Winehouse –



You don’t have to be a genius to know that the death of R & B star Amy Winehouse at age 27 — whether or not directly caused by substance abuse- probably was caused by a lifestyle choice that greatly lessened her chance of seeing middle-age, much less 30. Unfortunately, Amy joins a long list of talented and accomplished musicians who died from drug-related issues at age 27, a list that includes Jimi Hendrix (age 27); Kurt Cobain ( age 27); Janis Joplin (age 27); Jim Morrison (age 27), Brian Jones (Age 27), Tim Buckley (Age 27), and Alan Wilson (age 27). And of course, there are many more. We lost Whitney Houston at 48  And now we have lost Cory Montieth, at 31.

One issue– that no one talks about– is that being  an actor, a musician  or any profession which requires a great deal of time traveling especially at the  famous/almost famous level is hard: Touring, an absolute necessity for survival these days, can be boring, exhausting, and very lonely. Think about changing cities (or countries) every 2 days, traveling at night, and spending most of your time in an unknown city/country in an antiseptic hotel room– for 18 months.

The other thing is that the party theme of Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll has presented an image that has pushed many young creatives into an extremely early death, as if those magic words would prevent physical deterioration or death because you’re young and playing and acting and/or playing music. And unfortunately, it’s all so very part of the A Level Celebrity EcoChain of Dating (

So it’s 2013 and we just lost Cory Monteith.   In 2012, we lost Whitney.  And in 2011 we lost Amy Winehouse– at age 27. Isn’t time we embraced another slogan that isn’t so …deadly?

Health, Wealth and Rock n’ Roll, anyone? Are you listening Dr. Drew?

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